Barefoot Doctor The Message

3000 years ago, Moses unveiled his 10 commandments on a tablet of stone to the chosen people.

Now, Barefoot Doctor unveils The Message, also available in tablet format, to the chosen people of today:

The Message that is written for the 21st century's chosen people: those willing to take the next step in the evolution of mankind.

The Message that outlines in detail the 7 once-secret Taoist principles for health, happiness and spiritual enlightenment.

The Message that, if these principles are practiced, then life-enhancing values / commandments arise naturally from within, rather than being imposed from the outside; a natural template for living a brilliant life, no matter what is going on.

The Message that - if such a life-enhancing outlook in engendered - then even Moses' commandments can be interpreted in an enlightened and enlightening manner.

The Message that - if you're open and ready to hear it - then God / Tao / Moses / Barefoot have something very special for you, right here, right now:



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